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Construction projects are complex enough without added stress from cost management issues.

Here at Emmitt Consultants, our quantity surveyors do everything possible to keep projects on track and within budget. This means we offer friendly, uncomplicated cost management services backed by strong systems.

We plan for the unexpected


We’ve had a team of qualified quantity surveyors in Auckland, New Zealand, since 1970. Over the years, we’ve worked on thousands of projects ranging from $20,000 renovations to $100m hotel developments.

We have experience across all sectors, particularly community buildings, hospitals, schools, supermarkets, churches, and residential developments.

Cost Management services cover the following



  •     Strategic planning
  •     Feasibility studies
  •     Value management
  •     Procurement strategies
  •     Cash flow analysis

Schedule of quantities

  •     Cost saving utility

Tender management services

  •     Tender analysis
  •     Documentation
  •     Recommendations
  •     Contractor appointments
  • Progress claims
  • Variation control
  • Final account assessment

Controlling renovation costs at any stage of the building project

If you are about to start a project and want to control your finances, we can get involved at any stage of a project.

Our work spans residential and commercial projects, as well as the sum insured insurance valuations

Covering All Aspects of Quantity Surveying

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