It isn’t unheard of for homeowners to receive bills over twice the amount in the original quotes. We don’t want that to happen so we offer a Final Accounts Assessment to clients before they pay the builder’s final bill.

Price: $2,800 + GST. This involves detailed reporting and costs.


The cost of building a home can often come as a surprise both before and after the build. Using a QS will keep the cost of your build project under control.

Emmitt Consultations will conduct a Final Accounts Assessment for you before you pay the final Builders bill. We will make sure that;

  • All work is completed.
  • All items are legitimate and correct.
  • All costs are fair and reasonable for the work carried out.
  • All disputes are settled.

Our team aims to ensure that all final accounts are fair to all parties involved. We are willing to negotiate between yourself and your builder to guarantee this.